Extra Long Shotgun Case

Shotguns are incredibly powerful weapons that need to be taken care of and maintained properly. Whenever you are storing or transporting your shotgun, you’ve got to know where it is and that it has the adequate protection.

This means that you need to purchase the appropriate shotgun case. You need the right features and if you have a longer shotgun, a long shotgun case will be necessary.

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Here’s a closer look at why you should purchase your shotgun case from Evolution Gear.

Ample Space

Shotguns come in a range of sizes and it’s important that you choose a case that can provide an adequate amount of room for both your weapon and its accessories. Our hard cases are large and spacious, giving you the room that you need to safely store or transport your shotgun whatever the model.

Shock Resistant

Accidents happen and you may find that your case is dropped or knocked. In those moments it’s absolutely critical that your weapon is kept safe and that it does not accidentally discharge. This is why our cases offer cutting-edge materials and manufacturing methods to keep you and your weapon safe.

The Best Materials

Our cases are built from the very best materials so that you can rest assured your shotgun receives the appropriate level of protection that it requires. Our materials are rugged and robust, keeping yourself and your weapon safe whatever the circumstances.

Different Looks

Your needs are unique, and you might find that you use your shotgun primarily for hunting. Or, you might store it in your home. Whatever you want to achieve with your shotgun, we offer cases in a variety of colours so that you can find the best fit possible.

Adjustable Foam

The foam within our cases is simple to pinch and remove. This makes it a breeze to adjust the inside of your case to provide the best possible fit for your shotgun and other items. This improves the overall level of protection that you can achieve.

Affordable Prices

All of our products come at affordable prices to ensure that you get the best value for money possible. We use the latest manufacturing techniques and materials to offer really incredible products that do not sacrifice on quality at all.

Fast Delivery

If you need to transport your weapon, you need your case. If you do not have one, you’ll need to find one that you can get your hands on quickly. We are an Australian company based in Melbourne and we will dispatch your products the same or next business day to make sure you get it quickly.

Browse Our Extra Long Shotgun Cases Today

We hope that this closer look at our shotguns cases has been useful for you. As you can see, we really do offer premium products that can help you to transport and store your weapon safely. Please feel free to browse through our range of cases and ammo storage cases and do let us know if you have any questions at all – it will be our pleasure to help you.

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44" Inch Shotgun Soft Case Bag with 1680D Tough Fabric
Size: 1100 x 220 x 80 mm

44" Inch Shotgun Soft Case Bag with 1680D Tough Fabric


53" Inch Shotgun Soft Case Bag with 1680D Tough Fabric
Size: 1350 x 220 x 80 mm

53" Inch Shotgun Soft Case Bag with 1680D Tough Fabric